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This video tutorial is made in order for you to follow: You may need to follow all the instructions made in this video to make it work. You should not forget to clear your cache.

Upon using this tool you can be able to redeem unlimited coins for Slotomania. You can get your coins everyday as long as you are always following instructions.

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If you'd like to get the latest and unlimited coins then, you've got the right place. We have the latest working tool for slotomania. Tired of paying $$ with slotomania? Never Buy coins again because you can get it here for free!


You don't have to worry about spending hours on our website trying to get coins from us. The whole process of getting coins from our website takes less than 5 minutes from the time you land on our website! Don't believe us? Watch our tutorial video and see how long it takes us!

You choose

Unlike a lot of websites, we let our visitors choose the duration they need. We currently allow our visitors to choose from either 3 month or 12 month Xbox live codes. Right now, we don't plan on bringing back 1 month codes as they go by way too fast.

About our website!

Slotomania Free coins gives you unlimited access to the latest slotomania prizes. We have been doing this for many years and now we give it for free! You don't have to worry about purchasing from slotomania now. But here! We do require our visitors to complete a short survey in order to get a code from our website.

We currently only allow our visitors to get one Xbox Live Card per 24 hours! Make sure you don't abuse our service or we will blacklist your ip-address.

We add more Xbox Live codes every day so you don't have to worry about us running out of codes to give away!


Our sponsors that supply us with the codes we need reqiure us to use surveys to help us protect our codes from people taking as many codes as they possibly can. If we could remove them we would!
In order to see your full code, we require our visitors to complete a short survey. We hand pick every single survey to test them and make sure they are short! After you've finished one simple survey your code will be revealed a long with a bonus item!
There's nothing that we can tell you to convince you, but how would we be able to give out coins for over 2 years and get over 60,000 likes on our Facebook page if we weren't legitimate!